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Oregon South Coast Bicycle Ride Guide
Tom Baake

Road rides and mountain bike trails in the region from the I-5 corridor to the coast, from Florence (Hwy 126) to Crescent City (Hwy 199)

Lady at Midnight  
Ty Davis

Mingus Park sets the scene for this magical children's fantasy
A wonderful tale of the adventures and  lives of Lady the Swan, JR Mallard, Meow-Meow, Pooh the Coot, and other creatures who live about the enchanted Mingus Park Lake

Remembered: Military History of the Myrtle Point / Powers, Oregon Area
Alice De Soto

A register of military veterans from the upper Coquille valley, from the Civil War to 2005

Crossings: McCullough's Coastal Bridges
Judy Fleagle and Richard Knox Smith

Crossings ties together the history of the highway, the story of McCullough, the exciting path to federal funding, and the building of the bridges, with special emphasis on the bridge that best represents McCullough's technical and aesthetic genius - the Siuslaw River Bridge


A History of Coos County Railroads
Steven Greif, with Martin Callery

Illustrated short history of Coos County railroads from logging and harbor maintenance short lines, through the arrival of Southern Pacific in 1916, to the rehabilitation of the line under the Port of Coos Bay

Tah’s Tools
Jon Ivy and Nicole Norris

Paired pictures of traditional Native American and modern-day tools teach simple words to young children. Created by the Coqullie Indian Tribe

Hangman's Call: The Executions and Lynchings of Coos County, Oregon 1854-1925
Andie Jensen

A historical account of the hangings which occurred within and for Coos County Oregon

Law on the Bay: Coos County Sheriff's Office 1854-1897
Andie Jensen

The second in a series chronicling the various law enforcement agencies located on Coos Bay.

Law on the Bay: Marshfield, Oregon 1874- 1944
Andie E Jensen

The first in a series chronicling the municipal law enforcement agencies located on Coos Bay

Can't You Hear the Whistle Blowin': Logs, Lignite and Locomotives in Coos County, Oregon
William Lansing 

Describes the now-vanished network of narrow-gauge railroads that brought logs down Coos County mountainsides, across steep ravines, to rivers and bays. Packed with historic photographs and includes a map showing locations of all known historic rail routes

 Remember When: Coos County, Oregon Schools 1850-1940
William Lansing

More than 90 schoolhouses served Coos County in its early days. This book, produced from hours of interviews, recreates the schoolroom atmosphere and provides an image of virtually every schoolhouse in the county

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Menasha Corporation and it's One Hundred Year History in Coos Bay, Oregon 1905-2005
William Lansing

The rise and decline of the timber industry in Coos County (1850s-1970s), with sidelights on coal mining, shipbuilding and port operations. Author Lansing is a 35-year veteran of the timber industry, retired in 2005 as Chief Executive Officer of the Menasha Forest Products Industry

Between Two Worlds: Chinese of Marshfield, Oregon
Jon Littlefield

A "micro history" which may shed light on a part of the local history of the Chinese who lived in Marshfield between 1880-1940

Paper Fight: The Coos Bay Times and the Ku Klux Klan
Jon Littlefield

History of the conflict between the Coos Bay Times – ancestor to the current Coos Bay World – and the Southwestern Oregon Daily News, a conflict sparked in good part by the entry of the Ku Klux Klan into Oregon politics in the 1920s. The first researched work to examine the activities of the Klan in Coos County

Coos County Agriculture: A Short History
Bill Mast

A brief illustrated history of Coos agriculture, written by a life-long farmer and scion of a Coos pioneer farming family

My Memories

Phillip A Matson

A collection of memoirs of growing up and beyond in Marshfield, Oregon during the mid-twentieth century

The Oregon Book of Ranching 
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
Prepared by Michael F. Hanley IV

An alphabetical register of Oregon cattle ranches, with a brief history of cattle ranching in the state, and biographies of Cattlemen’s Association Presidents

My Valley

Boyd Stone

History of the Coquille River Valley Outlying Areas and More

Tripping on a Shoestring
J. Judy Vernelle

Blends practical advice, personal anecdote, and encouragement for women to brave their own solo van camping trips

Tripping on Oregon’s Treasures
    J. Judy Vernelle 

Adventures of a woman solo van camper across Oregon, from the coast through the Cascades and over the high desert

Louie Simpson's North Bend
Dick Wagner

North Bend's past springs directly from the efforts of Asa Meade Simpson and his son Louis Jerome to prosper on Coos Bay

North Bend Between The World Wars:1919-1941
Dick and Judy Wagner

North Bend experienced two event filled decades between World War I and II

Lies, Sex, and Radio: Story of M. Sayle Taylor
J.R. and J.K. Wagner

A biography of Marion Sayle Taylor, who styled himself “The Voice of Experience” in his radio advice show, after an earlier career as school administrator in Marshfield and North Bend. Written by well-known historians of the Bay area

The Uncommon Life of Louis Jerome Simpson
Judith and Richard Wagner

Biography of the powerful lumberman and mill owner who "invented" the city of North Bend and built Shore Acres mansion and garden

Instigator: The Troubled Life of Lorenzo Dow Kinney
Richard and Judith Wagner

A biography of Lorenzo Dow Kinney and his dealings with the Coos Bay Region

Oregon South Coast Canoe & Kayak Guide
Ron Wardman

Selection of saltwater and freshwater paddling adventures along the southern Oregon coast from the Florence to Brookings

Ethnobotany of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians
Patricia Whereat-Phillips

Documents the use of plants by the closely-related coastal tribes, covering a geographical area that extends roughly from Cape Perpetua on the central coast, south to the Coquille River, and from the Coast Range west to the Pacific shore.

Coos County Bench, Bar & Beyond
John W. Whitty

A history of lawyers, judges, clients and their cases in Southwestern Oregon during the period from 1853 and on up to 2014, with discussions and highlights from many of the cases during the period

O Pilot! Historical Sketches of the Coos Bay Bar Pilots

Capt. Steven E. Woods and Jeanne Woods

Chronicled here are the lives of ordinary men, set in circumstances fraught with danger. Men doing their utmost to assure the safe transit of ship and crew under perilous conditions... these are the pilots who bring the ships in and out of Coos Bay

Coquelle Thompson, Athabaskan Witness: A Cultural Biography

Lionel Youst and William R Seaburg

The compelling life story of Coquelle Thompson, an Upper Coquille Athabaskan Indian little know except by the Siletz Reservation community and a handful of visiting academics

Lost in Coos
Lionel Youst

"Heroic Deeds and Thrilling Adventures" of Searches and Rescues on Coos River, Coos County, Oregon 1871-2000

Sawdust in the Western Woods
Lionel Youst

A personal, pictorial, and primarily oral history of the small sawmill in the Douglas fir region, 1926-1956

She's Tricky Like Coyote

Lionel Youst

A biography of Annie Miner Peterson, a member of the Coquille tribe and one of the most important ethnographic sources for her people

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